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Bolt assemblies for constructions must have marking which provides that the supplier can issiue certificates with witch is ensured traceability of production and manufacturing accordance with tehnical specifications.

High-strenght preloaded bolt joints (grade 10.9)must be manufactured by SIST EN 14399-1:2015 (HV bolts made by EN 14399-4 and fit bolt made by EN 14399-8) and are available only in kits – bolt + nut EN 14399-4 + 2 washers EN 14399-6.

Also high strength bolt joints without preload (grade 8.8) must have SB marking (structural bolting). Bolt assemblies must be manufactured by ISO standard (bolts 4014 or 4017, nuts 4032 and washers 7089). This assemblies are available by SIST EN 15048-1:2007.

Both of mentioned standards are available from stock. All of our sets have marking and at delivery we can issue:

  • Factory production control
  • Declaration of performance
  • marking on boxes and marked traceability

In Declaration of performance are all tehnical data of bolts, nuts and washers in accordance with standard.


Based on European directive:

Base for tests of high-strenght preloaded bolt joints for metal construction is Regulation of construction products (305/2011/EU)which defines that the manufacturer or his representative established within European Community is responsible for the conformity of products with the requirements of the tehnical specification.

In this Regulation are harmonized standards of tehnical specifications adopted by CEN and CENELEC or both together based on mandate of commision in accordance with directive 83/189/EGS based on Commity opinion from article 19 and harmonized with general provisions on cooperation between Commision and these two bodies signed 13 th Novemeber 1984.


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