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In year 2000 we started developing production of different types of hammers for soil demining machines. In the moment we produce hammers with chains, mushroom or disc shaped. All hammers are produced by hot forging procedures.

Besides the common hammers, we at BLAS-TIP have developed our own genuine BLAS-TIP hammers in disc form – NT96 and NTL96. The design is protected at the State Institute for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Croatia. Hammer NT96 is designed for heavy demining machines and the NTL96 for light to medium ones.

According examinations and data received from staff working on machines in real conditions on fields (soil, sand, rubble, stone, low and high vegetation) the best results were obtained with sets (chain-hammer) NT96 BLAS-TIP. This sets are considered the universal substitute for special hammers destinated only for certain ground. With that the costs of exchange and keeping more hammer types in stock (for different ground types) are significantly reduced.

It was demonstrated that sets (chain-hammer NT 96 BLAS-TIP) have treated larger surfaces and have been more durable than hammers destinated specifically for determed ground. So far existing hammers have required special assembling with pins, while by new designed hammers NT96 and NTL 96 BLAS-TIP there are no additional costs for assembling sets on fields. Thereby  extra costs are avoid.

BLAS-TIP has been supplying hammers for SCANJACK 3500, BOŽENA 3, 4 and 5, MW, RM-KA, SAMSON, DALMATINO, VF

Original BLAS-TIP hammers are nowadays used on demining machines of different producers as well as by customers in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Africa, South America, Asia…

We introduce photos of some hammer types we already produce 

VelSca – VelSca – firstly manufactured hammer type

MaSca – hammer developed for customers demining "stone" ground

B-4 – Hammers produced for demining machines "BOŽENA", manufacturer "Way Industry"



B-KGG – Different lenghts of "mushroom" shaped hammer made after customers' requests

B-KDNT-96 – With further improvement of the same disc even better results thanby former hammer bype N-KD were obtained

Hammer Y blade – hammer developed for demining groung with high vegetation



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