Our trading program covers ordinary screw goods by DIN, ISO and EN standards. Dimensions from M 5 till M 36 are constantly on stock . Specific bolts from M 6 till M 64 we produce in our own manufacture facilities and are available after specific orders.

Bolt assemblies by EN 14399-1:2015 and EN 15048-1:2007 standards are with CE marking and are supplied with Declaration of Conformity and Factory production control certificate.

We trade many different items such as: screws, washers, pins, dowels, rivets, stoppers, threaded rods, anchor bolts, turnbuckles etc., according following standards:

DIN Description ISO Standard Image
DIN 913

Hexagon socket set screw with flat point

DIN 926

Slotted set screw with full dog point


Taper pin


Dowel pin

DIN 84 A

Slotted cheese head screw

DIN 84 A

Slotted cheese head screw

DIN 85

Slotted pan head screw

DIN 93

Slice with a cloth (lock washers)

DIN 94

Split pin

DIN 95

Slotted oval countersunk head wood screw

DIN 96

Slotted round head wood screw

DIN 97

Slotted flat countersunk head wood screw

DIN 125 A

Plain washer form A

DIN 125 B

Plain washer form B

DIN 126

PODLOŽKA brez posnetega roba

DIN 127 A

Spring lock washer form A

DIN 127 B

Spring lock washer form B

DIN 128 A

Split Spring Washer form A

DIN 128 B

Split Spring Washer form B

DIN 137 A

Spring washer curved form A

DIN 137 B

Spring washers curved form B

DIN 186 A

T-head bolt with square neck

DIN 188

T-head bolt with double nib

DIN 261

T-head bolt

DIN 315

Wing Nut

DIN 316

Wing screw

DIN 417

Slotted set screw with dog point

DIN 427

Slotted Headless Screw with Chamfer

DIN 431

Hexagon pipe nut

DIN 433

Washers for cheese head screw

DIN 432

Tab Washer with External Tab

DIN 434

Square taper washer for U-section

DIN 435

Square taper washers for I-section

DIN 436

square washer for wood construction

DIN 438

Slotted set screw with cup point

DIN 439 A

Hexagon thin nut chamfered form A

DIN 439 B

Hexagon thin nut chamfered form B

DIN 440 R / V

Washer with square/round hole for use in timber construction

DIN 444 A / B

Eye bolt form A/B

DIN 462

Retaining plate with internal nose

DIN 463

Tab washer with long and short tab

DIN 466

Knurled grip knob

DIN 467

Flat knurled nut

DIN 471

Retaining ring for bores

DIN 472

Retaining ring for bores

DIN 478 – 480

Square Head Bolt

DIN 508


DIN 525

Stud for welding with hexagon nut

DIN 529

Anchor Bolt (stone bolt)

DIN 546

Slotted Round Nut

DIN 547

Round nut with drilled holes in one face

DIN 551

Slotted set screw with flat point

DIN 553

Slotted set screw with cone point

DIN 555

Hexagon Nut - 0,8d

DIN 557

Square nut

DIN 558

Hexagon Screw fully threaded up to the head

DIN 561 B

Hex set screw with small wrench size with full dog point

DIN 562

Square thin nut

DIN 564

Hexagon Set Screw with Small HexagonHalf Dog Point and Flat Cone Point

DIN 571

Wod screw with hexagonal head

DIN 580

Lifting eye bolt

DIN 582

Lifting Eye Nut

DIN 601

Hexagon head bolt with nut

DIN 603

Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolt

DIN 604

Flat countersunk nib bolt

DIN 605

Flat countersunk square neck bolt with long square

DIN 607

Cup Head Nib Bolt

DIN 608

Flat countersunk square neck bolt with short square

DIN 609

Hexagon fit bolt with long thread

DIN 610

Hexagon fit bolt with short thread

DIN 705 A

Adjusting ring with set screw Form A

DIN 787

T-slot bolt

DIN 792

Cylindrical countersunk screw

DIN 797

Foundation Bolt

DIN 798

Special foundation square nut

DIN 835 Fo

Double End Stud

DIN 907

Core plug

DIN 908

Screw plug with collar and hexagon socket

DIN 910

Plug with collar and hexagonal head

DIN 912

Hexagon socket Head Cap Screw

DIN 914

Hexagon socket set screw with cone point

DIN 915

Hexagon socket set screw with full dog point

DIN 916

Hexagon socket set screw with cup point

DIN 917

Hexagon cup nut

DIN 920

Slotted Pan Head Screw (Small Head)

DIN 921

Slotted pan head screw with large head

DIN 922

Slotted pan head screw with small head and full dog point

DIN 923

Slotted pan head screw with shoulder

DIN 927

Slotted Shoulder Screw

DIN 929

Hexagon weld nut

DIN 931

Hexagon head bolt with partial thread

DIN 933

Hexagon head bolt with thread up to head

DIN 934

Hexagon Nut

DIN 935

Hexagon castle nut

DIN 936

Hexagonal jam nut

DIN 937

Hexagonal Thin Castle Nut

DIN 938

Double End Stud – 1d

DIN 939

Stud, with engagement length 1,25 x d

DIN 940

Stud, with engagement length 2,5 x d

DIN 960

Partially Threaded Hexagonal Cap Screw (Fine Thread)

DIN 961

Hexagonal head screws fully threaded, with metric fine thread

DIN 963

Slotted countersunk head screw

DIN 964

Slotted raised countersunk oval head screw

DIN 965

Cross recessed countersunk flat head screw

DIN 966

Cross recessed raised countersunk head screw

DIN 976

Threaded rod

DIN 979

Hexagonal thin slotted castle nut

DIN 980

Hexagon nut with clamping part

DIN 981


DIN 982

Prevailing torque type hexagon lock nut high type with polyamide insert

DIN 985

Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nut

DIN 986

Prevailing torque hexagon domed nut with non-metallic insert

DIN 988

Shim ring and supporting ring

DIN 1052

Washer for wood construction

DIN 1433


DIN 1434

Clevis pin with small head with or without split pin hole

DIN 1435

Clevis pin with small head

DIN 1436

Clevis Pin with Large Head

DIN 1440

Medium type washer for Clevis pin

DIN 1441

Flat Washer For Clevis Pin

DIN 1443

Clevis pin without head

DIN 1444

Clevis pin with head without hole form A   with hole form B

DIN 1445

Clevis pin with head and stud end

DIN 1478


DIN 1480

Turnbuckle, forged (open form)

DIN 1481

Spring-Type Straight Pin (Roll Pin)

DIN 1587

Domed hex cap nut

DIN 1804

Slotted locknut

DIN 2093 A,B,C

Disc Spring Washer

DIN 2509

Double end stud

DIN 2510 L

Stud bolt with reduced shank

DIN 2510 NF

Hex nut for stud bolt with reduced shank

DIN 3402

Ball-Type grease nipple

DIN 3404

Button head grease nipple

DIN 3570 A


DIN 6325

Dowel Pin

DIN 6330

Hexagon nut height 1.5 xD

DIN 6331

Hexagon nut with collar height 1.5 x D

DIN 6334

Hexagon Nut - 3D

DIN 6340

Washer for clamping device

DIN 6796

Conical spring washer for bolted connections

DIN 6797 A+J

Toothed lock washer with external teeth (A), internal teeth (J)

DIN 6798 A+J

Serrated lock washer, External teeth (A), Internal teeth (J)

DIN 6798 V

Serrated lock washer, V - conical

DIN 6880

sharp-edged key steel

DIN 6885 A

parallel key

DIN 6885 B

Tapered fitting key, pin

DIN 6887

Taper key gip head

DIN 6901 – 6908

Tapping Screw and Washer Assemblie

DIN 6912

Cap screw thin cylindrical head

DIN 6917

Square taper washer for I-section

DIN 6918

Square taper washers for U-section

DIN 6921

Hexagon flange bolt

DIN 6922

Hexagon Flange Bolt with Reduced Shank

DIN 6923

Hexagon nut with flange

DIN 7349

Thick flat Washer

DIN 7379

Shoulder screw

DIN 7500 C

Thread forming screw with cross recessed raised cheese head

DIN 7500 D

Hexagon head thread rolling screw with flange

DIN 7500 M

Thread-cutting TX Screw

DIN 7504 K

Self-drilling screw with hexagonal head

DIN 7504 N

self drilling screw, pan head

DIN 7504 P

Self-Drilling CS Head Screw

DIN 7603 A+C

Sealing ring for fittings and screw plugs

DIN 7604 A+C

Hexagon head pipe plug

DIN 7922 C

Slotted countersunk head tapping screw

DIN 7967

Self-locking counter nut PAL

DIN 7968

Hexagon fit bolt with hexagon nut

DIN 7969

Slotted countersunk head screw

DIN 7971 C/F

Tapping screw, slotted pan head

DIN 7973 C

Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screw

DIN 7976 C

Hexagon head tapping screw

DIN 7980

Split spring lock washer for screw with cylindrical head

DIN 7981 C/F

Pan head tapping screw with cross recess

DIN 7982 C

Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screw

DIN 7983 C

Countersunk (Flat) Head Tapping Screw with Cross Recess

DIN 7984

Hexagon socket thin head cap screw

DIN 7985 A

Cross recessed raised cheese head screw

DIN 7989 A

Washer for steel constructions

DIN 7990

Hexagon head bolt for steel structure

DIN 7991

Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screw

DIN 7992

T-head bolt with large head

DIN 7995

Cross recessed raised countersunk head wood screw

DIN 7996

Cross recessed round head wood screw

DIN 7997

Cross recessed countersunk head wood screw

DIN 7999

High Tensile Strength Hexagon Fit Bolt for Structural Bolting

DIN 8243

Slotted Cheese Head Screw for Fine Mechanics

DIN 8245

Slotted Countersunk (Flat) Head Screw for Fine Mechanics

DIN 9021 B

Plain washer, outer diameter about 3 d

DIN 11014

Plough bolt with 2 nibs

DIN 15237

elevator bolt

DIN 25195

Flat head bolt with double fins with hex nut

DIN 71412 C,CT,CH

Grease nipple conical head


Schnorr washer

Anchor bolt

Grease nipple


 HV structural bolt for preloading


HV structural nut for preloading


Plain chamfered washer for preloading


High-Strength Structural Bolting Assemblie For Preloading


 Hex head bolt partially threaded

ISO 4014

 Hex head bolt full threaded

ISO 4017

 Hexagon Nut

ISO 4032

 Plain washer

ISO 7089


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